Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Reason I Love Technology

I tell you what, I'm so greatful for technology right now. I know that there are many bad things about the internet, but there are so many good things. Like what I'm about to post on here. I saw this link on facebook a while back but never got to listen to its entirety...only the first minute or so. Can I tell you how thankful I am that God gave me another chance to listen to it. My precious, wonderful friend Melisa sent it to me today. It's almost 9 minutes long. Can I tell you that it grabbed me to my core and the tears just flowed. This is an AMAZING clip and I promise you that it's well worth your time. Our God is just so good! I know that we are all going through our own trials and I don't know what yours could be. But isn't it wonderful to know that as a child of God He is carrying us the whole way through??? We aren't alone!! With my education on the human body, I have always been amazed at our Creator. This just blew me away though! I pray that it will do the same for you. Praise the Lord for technology so I was able, as well as millions of others, to listen to this!!

OK, it won't let me post the link. I'm not sure this from blogspot?? Anyways, go to youtube and search Louie Giglio - Laminin and watch the 8:44 version.

In His Love,

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  1. We have shown this at our church a few times and I also put it on my FB profile page. It is so awesome. It doesn't matter how many times we watch it, it always makes me and Ben cry. We actually bought the video of the entire teaching. Good stuff!