Monday, April 20, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

This was one of the weekends that just went so fast that we were still exhausted on Monday morning! It wasn't like we haven't had busier weekends for sure. But we just could never stay ahead for some reason. Friday night was late...which plays a huge part in our exhaustion. How the heck was I able to stay up until 2 am so easily in college but not now?? I'm telling you, come 10 pm (and that's really pushing it) I'm as good as asleep!! I kill me sometimes! So for me to be awake for the night, I have to partake in some caffiene.
Saturday was a great day. We were supposed to have the Carter family in town but due to the weather, my plans for Friday and Jeff working all day Friday we all decided to take a rain check on it. That night we had Carolyn (my MIL), Dr. Micah Carter (our dear chiropractor friend that lives in Edmond, OK, Gabe, Renee and Izzy over for dinner. Lt me tell you I didn't realize that I had some Mexican in me. I joke that I'm like most Americans...a far as my heritage goes. So apparently there is some Mexican in me. We made salsa, guacamole, mexican rice and chicken quesadillas. It was all so delicious!!! It was a great time having everyone over for sure.
It was just another weekend for my Savior to show me again how blessed I am with the friends and family that I have.

Getting some loving from Kendall because she wouldn't look at the camera and smile!!

Of course she looks at the camera with Daddy!!

Avery took her picture and I told her she needed to open her eyes since they were almost shut.

Can't say she doesn't know how to follow directions, can we?

This is what happens when I leave Kendall close to nail polish. She somehow opens it and floods her nailbeds with polish. Praise the Lord none got on the carpet!!

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  1. You guys are smokin cute!!! I am cracking up at the nail polish shot!! Avery's eyes to! How funny.