Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jeff's Birthday Weekend

We had quite the busy weekend (this theme seems to be getting redundant)! I decided to finally give Jeff is Christmas present on Friday. Let me restate that ~ I was finally able to put together Jeff's present. For Christmas he wanted me to come up with a big date night. That's quite the fete to pull off with him in school, our busy weekends, and a sitter for 2 children, etc!! Nonetheless, I finally did it Friday night. I asked Tracie, his sister, to take the girls for the night. I then had Renee, his cousin's wife, take me to the hotel. She is SO wonderful for doing that for me. That made it so we didn't have both cars there. I got a FANTASTIC deal on priceline for a room at the Dallas Hyatt Regency. I had Jeff meet me there, after I got ready, for us to have a night on the town. Our dear friend, Kimmy, invited us to join her at the Ghost Bar at the W in downtown Dallas. It's pretty new and nice...cover is $20!! Luckily we got on the guest list and didn't have to cover that one. It was on the 33rd floor and such a nice night to be there. It's so great and modern. Oh, and because it's in Dallas ~ SMOKE FREE!! We danced the night away and then finished at the hotel that was just up the street pretty much. Unfortunately I hadn't covered all of the bases. We had to leave by 8 am to go home and let Jake out of his crate. DOH!!! I was not so happy about that. But I will say that I had the greatest time...and I'll leave it at that since I'm good at giving way TMI. ;)

Jeff, me & Kimmy on the balcony of the Ghost Bar

Me & my honey...such a hottie!!

Had to include the pic of the girls with their adorable pig tails!! LOL

Kendall loves doing this with her shirts as she's taking them off...yes she's on the pot
Sunday afternoon Jeff mowed our grass that was about way too long! I was so glad he did it. It was the perfect weather for it...cloudy, breezy and low 70s. After he was done, we got out the bouncy house for the girls. They had a great time. Avery is so proud of her new head- stand...she does it inside too. It was a fun Sunday afternoon.

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  1. That's awesome! I love date nights and it has been way too long since Ben and I have had one....it is difficult when you don't live close to family! I am glad you had a great time!