Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jeff's Birthday Morning

We were so excited that Jeff was off this morning. This way we could actually "sleep in" to at least 6 am. What the heck were we thinking?!? In order to sleep in that late Jeff kind of needs to turn off his 5:15 am alarm on his phone, doesn't he?!? So that goes off, I was a good little girl and remembered to change mine. ;-) Then, of course, we're wide awake. Every other morning this week, we pass out as soon as we hit snooze. But NO, not this morning. Then a few minutes later the girls come out and we just pile them in the bed with us only to delay the inevitable. It was fun though...having all of us in the bed together. We all sang happy birthday to him and made him so happy. Then we did our birthday breakfast. I must confess that one of my favorite foods is the absolute worst food on the planet to eat - donuts!! But on our birthday mornings, we get to eat whatever we want so donuts it is. Kendall wouldn't let me leave without her so off we went. Just hearing her say the word cracked me up. We did make the girls eat a bowl of cereal to fill them up some before hand. We made our order and went back home. Avery loves her chocolate sprinkles donut, Jeff had a bavarian creme-filled chocolate eclair and I had just a plain glazed and chocolate. Can I say yummy?? I know, they are so bad!! I'll have to do extra crunches tonight for it!!
Then I decided to get a family pic of us. We have hardly any of all of us. So onto the fireplace we go and Jeff stretches out his arm to take it. When you look at these, maybe you'll see why we don't have mnay. Only because Jeff is the birthday boy and told me I had to, while hysterically laughing, did I show the first one. Of course the turd takes the picture while I'm taking the shoulder strap out of Jake's mouth..he SO knew I wasn't ready. Then as you go down, you can see that Kendall looks as though she's getting strangled.
After the picture fiasco, the girls wanted to put their boots on to go and play in the rain. So off they went. The pictures follow.

Take 1:
Me reaching for the strap and telling Jake, "NO"...but Jeff and Avery are ready like pros!

Family picture take 2. Barely got Kendall's head in there....

Take 3. Now I'm literally ROFL looking at Kendall! Oh well, at least I tried.

Stomping in the puddle

Pulling out the umbrella

Kendall trying her best to hold the umbrella...yes, Jake is huge now!

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