Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tasty, Singing Avery

I can't believe I've gone all week without writing anything. I have felt so weird from it. We had a pretty busy weekend for not doing too much. Jeff was at a board review class all most of the time it was me, the girls and Jake. We took Jake to see Dr. Monica for his rabies shot. She gave us a bill of good health and the shot. He's also almost 40 pounds now at 18 weeks old!!! I still can't believe how quickly he's growing. But goodness he's pretty. We got to take him to the dog park in Arlington on Tuesday. It's his first time to get to socialize with a pack of dogs and he did good. We start his obedience training tonight. It's a 7 week long course so we'll have him trained by the time Jeff leaves. Whew!

Jeff with Jake at 18 weeks old

So Friday afternoon, we're sitting around the table (me and the girls) like we usually are since my chidren NEVER stop eating! And Avery says, "Momma, bugs keep eating me cuz I taste so good!" I nearly fell on the floor laughing. I said, "Yes, you do honey." That must be my problem too since they eat me up. I love kids and what they say and think. So adorable. That night we went out to eat for Jeff's birthday. We had Gabe, Renee, Izzy, Leah, Brenden, Tracie, Barney, Jeb and Molly join us at BJ's. I can't believe I forgot my there's no picture of that. It was a nice evening to talk with everyone. We had a great time.

Saturday night we had Kelly, Allison & Reilly Teeples over for dinner and fun. Allison and Jeff were study-budies the first year of anaesthesia school. Since they started clinicals in August we never see Allison or the boys anymore. Well, I do see them in the office but that's not the same. So we had them over since they were doing the review and not clinicals for the weekend. I made chicken enchiladas, mexican rice and brownies for dinner. Then we pulled out the Rock Band to play. We all had such a good time. Let me tell you how floored Jeff and I were when we gave the microphone to Avery to sing "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt. She was great...even though she can't read. Jeff and I kept looking at each other saying, "Can you believe that?!? Listen to her!!" She was on tune most of the time and everything!! So cute.

Avery rockin' to Spiderwebs

Allison on the guitar

Reilly and I on the drums

Avery playing Operation for the first time! How awesome is that?!? I used to LOVE that game.

Nurse Kelly showing Avery how a pro gets it done.
Now for Kendall's new tidbit. She is such a tough little girl. Maybe it's because she's my second and I don't freak out as much as I did with Avery, or maybe she's just a tough, little bird. But she's always been good about not being so dramatic with any fall (not that I can say the same for her sister). Lately, she's doing something new now. When she falls, she'll just lift her head up to reassure us and say, "It ok. I ok!" I just LOL everytime. Of course, I never have the camera in hand when she does it. Speaking of camera in hand, I have got to get my video camera out to record her singing. We've got her singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star now. Her version is a little different though. She comes in on "Stah", "Ah", "Hiee", "Kiee", "Stah", "Ah". So she comes in at the end of every phrase. She's not like Avery was at this age. Avery was all about reading the books. Kendall is all about "Ting Mommy". So we are quite the singing family...just like I love. At least we know she got that honestly.


  1. Makes me want to play operation! I can't believe we don't have that game!!

  2. I need a video of Avery singing!! Do ya'll have the new Operation or the old school one? I couldn't wait to buy Operation for my kids so I could show them how fun it is to jump out of your skin when it buzzes... what a disappointment that the new one is just a wimpy sound. boo!