Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

So I'm FINALLY getting to blog this week! We had quite the busy weekend...I think I say that every weekend. ;) Jeff's sister, brother-in-law and his parents all went to Napa Valley for her birthday Spa weekend. So we had our niece and nephew with us...Jeb, who will be 15 in August, and Molly who will be 11 in 2 weeks. I dropped all of them off at the airport on Friday morning. The plan was for Jeb to ride the bus home since he was taking a test during swimming. Let's just say that he thinks he's as smooth as my FIL and husband, but they have quite the years and experience on him in the suave department. Of course, he let me know that I could come get him at 12:15 if I wanted. I told him as soon as I talked with his mom that I which I got a quick reply via problem, I'll take the bus home. I informed him that I've been in this family for 17 years and it takes much better skills than that to get me. ;)

We had a great time going to the dog park with the kids...Jake had fun too. We all pulled out Rock Band and played a little as well. We took them to the people park, LOL...I kill me sometimes, and had a great time there. The girls were all on the tire swing having Jeff swing them around when little older than 6...came up and looked at Jeff saying, "Get off." (If you're like me you're thinking, what the heck??? right about now and also about the fact that had it been your child they wouldn't have any teeth left after talking to an adult like that) Jeff was a little surprised at the gall and replied, "No bud, I think they just got on and are going to be on this for a few more minutes." To which the sassy little boy said, "No, get off." Jeff was just in shock at the audacity of this child and replied, "Excuse me?? No, they just got on and are going to play on it for a few more minutes. When they're done, then you can get on." The boy got was frustrated at this response and huffed and walked away. I tell you what, the kids these days....goodness I sound like my grandmother!! LOL

We got a few cute pictures of the kids together though. It was a good glimpse of what having 4 children is like. We had a great time. I am sure that I want at least one more child, but feel free to join me on praying for joyful, healthy twin baby boys. ;)

Me and Jake at the people park

Jeb, Avery, Molly & Kendall

My big girl climbing her way up all by herself!

Molly & Kendal posing

Jeb & Avery posing

My big girl doing the monkey bars for the first time!!

Molly's way of the mokey bars...while touching the ground

Jeb's monkey bar action...likes the surfing technique

Avery, Kendall & Molly on the tire swing

Jeb busting a move

Mollly & Avery busting a move

Kendall playing "horsie" on Avery...their new favorite game (I know, I say piggy-back, they say horsie)

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  1. I enjoyed these pics. I am enjoying busting a move!that is funny!!