Monday, May 18, 2009

I Assure You, It's Not From Me!!

Do you ever watch your children do things and SWEAR (not that I'm a swearing woman) that they didn't get that from you?!? Kendall started doing this the other day and I can assure you that she didn't get it from me. On Jeff's behalf, she didn't get it from him either. I do remember a time though when Leah was honestly and literally attached to our cordless phone ~ nowhere was off limits. So maybe she got this from her. But she found this old princess cell phone of Avery's and decided to start using it to call everyone she matter where she was!! So cute!! LOL

Yep, talking on the phone while on the potty!


  1. It's a girl thing...little girl thing lol. Mine do it. When Haley's in "office" mode nothing can separate her from the phone.

  2. Oh my goodness!! what a cute picture!! Love it!