Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend. It's such an understatement when I say how greatful I am for all of the men and women that gave their lives fighting for this country and our freedom. I'm so glad that we set aside a day to remember them. The girls and I ended up going to Many, without Jeff. Jeff had to work the entire weekend and nights at that. I didn't want to go since he leaves for Louisiana the next weekend...I'm coveting every moment I have with him. However, since he's working nights we wouldn't see each other at all. Plus, the girls would have much more fun in Many. Aunt Deb and Molly rode down with Jake and me. He did SO great. Don't think he'll make another trip on the floor in the backseat of our Accord...he's getting so big the poor thing could barely fit in that space!!

On Saturday Avery got to go to Lauren Lake in Many. It's a private lake so Barney's family were the only ones out there which made it nice. We celebrated Molly's 11th birthday that night with a yummy homemade cake (thanks to Ruthie, Tracie's MIL) and ice cream. Molly's cousin, Carley, is only 1 year older than Avery and those girls had the BEST time. It was too chilly for me to get in my bathing suit, cloudy and breezy, but not too much for the girls. Avery had so much fun that she stayed the night with Carley at Barney's mom's house. Instead of coming home with me and Kendall on Sunday she stayed through to Monday and came home with Tracie. She had such a great time. She is so much like me. I LOVED going places. Mother told me that everyday when I woke up I would ask her 2 questions: 1. Do I have to take a nap? and 2. Where are we going today? If I could estimate how many times asks me on a daily basis "Where are we going next?" I would have to say a minimum of 10 times!!! Avery loves going places and to other people's houses....she is my social butterfly. Kendall is just like her daddy and likes her house. We all had a great time but I certainly missed Jeff. My fun times aren't near as fun when he isn't there to share in them and make them better. ;)

How great is our God to create rainbows for us to enjoy?!?

Molly with her cake
Tracie feeding Kendall ice cream. Funny thing is, I can't tell who is enjoying it more!

Avery, Molly & Carley

Crazy girls

My cutie-patootie

Jeb, with a funky-positioned life jacket, & Kendall

Molly showing us her Staxx ring ~ so should check them out!!

Molly with her momma, Tracie

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