Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rob/Brandon is Back in Town

So Rob, or Brandon to a few people in the family, has come to town. He serves our country in the Coast Guard and is currently stationed in California ~ close to the Bay Area I think. But he made a visit to come and see all of us. Rob is Gabe's younger brother, or Jeff's Dad's brother's son. Instead of us getting together at a house and cooking (and worse ~ cleaning) we decided to all meet up at Gloria's. It's a Salvadorian restaurant that has a great patio. We all had a GREAT time, which is nothing new when the Troha's get together. The evening was absolutely gorgeous!Of course I brought my camera to get a few family pics. Now that I look through them I realize that I didn't get any of Tracie, Dad or Uncle Scott!! I'm so sorry you guys!! :(

Me & my gorgeous Aunt Deb

Renee & me

Me, Rob & Avery

Me & Rob since you couldn't see his face in the last one

Rob & Jeff

Isabelle, Kendall & Avery (I couldn't get K to stand still, she kept wanting to come see the picture!!)

Mom & Jeb

Molly, Barney & Avery

Aunt Deb & Jeff

Kendall licking the last bit of beans out of her bowl!

Renee, Izzy & Gabe

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  1. Looks like a great time! A very bright day out there!