Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Fun Wednesday Night

We had a fun night last night. My great friend Jamie asked if we could keep Austin and Kori while she got to be a model for her husband. Her husband is my hair dresser and is fabulous!! He was doing a training on up-do's and wanted to use her as the model. I was so excited. Kendall is one month, almost to the day, older than Kori and they have such a good time playing. Her son, Austin, is 10 and SO great with kids ~ so Avery was excited about getting to play with him. I got to see how Avery would be with a big brother ~ in no time she was in the trees just like him. He is so sweet and patient with all the girls. We all had a great time. I told Jamie today that I got a glimpse of what twins would be like with Kendall and Kori...although it was only for a few hours. And yes, I'm still praying for some!

Austin and Avery in the tree

Sweet Kori smiling at the camera unlike my child! LOL

Avery workin' the mic on Rock Band

Austin workin the guitar

I guess my child can look at the camera while smiling!


  1. Cute!!! Thankyou so much!! I hope you get those twins!!

  2. That's so funny that you are praying for twins! I have prayed for twins with all of my pregnancies---what is it with us? LOL I do hope you get some--that would be awesome! I did not get twins....I was really hoping with this pregnancy, but you know me, and I am just as thrilled with the single pregnancies that I have had!

  3. So when are you guys going to try for those twins? That would be a quick catch-up to our 4!

    Michael wants me to model for him, will you watch the kids ;)