Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Avery's Super Surprise

So we had quite a busy weekend. Jeff was off on Friday...we so LOVE those days now. That meant that I got to go and get my derierre kicked at the gym at 5:30 am (since it had been almost 2 weeks since I worked out last). It was so great to get my weekend started off right. Jeff and Phil went to shoot their guns at the range and went shopping while out. Jeff called me to ask Avery's shoe size but wouldn't tell me why...very odd for him to go shoe shopping. When Avery woke up from her nap, I found out why he was asking. They got her some skates! They were SO cute. She could hardly stand waiting to get outside and put them on. So of course, she had to put her helmet and knee pads on. We now need to invest in some elbow pads too. ;) She did so great though! The second time around the street she was holding herself up instead of letting them get ahead of her!! Needless to say, she LOVED it!! The part that made it even better was that Brenden came over and brought his skates too (we didn't even tell him to)!! So they had so much fun riding the skates around the street. Praise the Lord for Phil and Carolyn's gated street....we don't have to worry about cars at all!!

Avery taking a break and cooling off with some water.

Later that night we all ate some Jabalaya. It was my first attempt ever at making it and I must say it turned out pretty dang good! Leah, Brenden, Carolyn, Phil, Gabe, Renee, Izzy and us all ate together. It was such a loud, chaotic and great evening! There was a lot a food and a lot more love in the house that night. The kids are so fun to watch now. Jake was there too and was so great! Leah had been in there about 5 minutes and screamed to me, "Eva!! Jake is here?? I can't belive it. I've been her 5 minutes and never knew he was here because he didn't come running at me or jumping up on me!" Jeff was so proud to hear the compliment bestowed on his boy.

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