Monday, April 20, 2009

I Got All My Sistas With Me

So Friday night, I scheduled a little reunion with my Phi Mu sisters from undergrad. We all went to school at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (formerly known as Northeast Louisiana University) and now all live in DFW. There were several more that live here but couldn't make it. Facebook has just been so amazing. That's what made this happen. I would have had NO clue that so many of us live here had I not found so many on facebook. We met up at the Texan Station at the Gaylord for drinks and food. We then went to The Glass CactuAdd Images for some dancing. The band was an 80s cover band that was so great. Wouldn't you know that one of my sisters ran into a girl that she grew up with from Monroe?! What a small world!! The Glass Cactus was great ~ especially since no one was smoking!! Woo Hoo!! Other than some drunk running into Dawn causing her red wine to go up in the air and land all over me and in my eyes, it was a great time! LOL I'm so glad that we did it and can't wait for the next one!!

Me in the lap of my hot chaufeur for the evening.

Us at the Texan Station

Jamie, Me Mareatha & Dawn...yes all of them are younger than me!

Me, Monica (our favorite vet) & Dawn

Me and Kristie Holt (aka "Bolt" in college...don't remember why)

All of us at the Glass Cactus

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