Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Treasuring Today

So this morning was our usual Wednesday morning. The girls go to daycare on Wednesdays. We did our normal routine when dropping them off. I start off with Kendall and finish with Avery. So I go to Avery's room to tell her good-bye and give her a hug & kiss like she always wants. As I'm walking away, I feel the need to tell her that I love her again...while my back is to her. I turn around to see her after I say it to see her giving me the sweetest smile while waving the I love you sign ~ Hook 'em horns with the thumb up too. Uh!! Can I say that it hit me right to my heart. The tears just started welling up immediately. How precious of her to be so bold in showing her love for me. I just adore her sweet, loving heart. Then I realized that it won't always be this way. I know that there will come a day, quicker than I want, that she won't be so bold. I'm not so naive that I've never thought about it...Jeff and I have had several conversations on the subject but this really hit my heart today. So I will treasure these days from now more taking these sweet gestures for granted for me. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me my precious, loving little girls and reminding me how great it feels to feel their love.

This is her shooting me the sign a couple of months ago

How can I NOT adore this little girl?!?


  1. AWwwww! Thank you for sharing that. Sweet sweet sweet. All we can do- treaure today!

  2. Well at 7 there are no signs of Haley being less bold in showing her love to us and others. Some children are born with a heart so full of love it just overflows.