Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mall Parks

Renee (Jeff's cousin's, Gabe, wife) and I are getting in this habit, and my great friend Jamie too, of going to the parks inside the malls on Fridays. Saturday we decided to try one that neither Renee nor I had been to in a different mall that's a little further away. Jamie, of course had been already, gave us directions on where to find it. First off, can I say how ROBBED I feel that we didn't have these as kids!!! I remember how we would come to Dallas, when I was still in elementary school, and Mom and Dad would take us to Prestonwood mall to shop. Does anyone remember this mall?? It's a true Texas mall...fitting the bill that everything here is BIGGER and better. It was 3 stories tall!! If we were lucky, we would get to ice skate and go to a toy store (and rarely leave with anything from there). We were there ALL DAY LONG!! I'm really not exaggerating. And shopping for clothes gets really old in just 1 store let alone 50 of them!! We're talking 8 hours...at a minimum! Oh how our lives would have been so much easier if we had one of these parks there. Dad could have parked it on one of the soft, cushiony benches in the play area and let us play for hours!! Well, maybe it wouldn't have been such a great idea...I'm sure he would have fallen asleep and we could have all wandered off. That happened on one of these shopping excursions. He was in front of a TV on the outside of a store watching a show. Mom gets done in her store and comes back to join us only to find Leah isn't there. She walked off while he was watching TV. Can't remember how long it took, but they found her in a store close by. I think she was about 3 or 4. But we would have had less fights, gotten beaten less from less fights and we would have had some fun ourselves! Oh how times have changed! Don't even get me started on PRAISE THE LORD for changing stations, hooter hiders (if you aren't sure what they are, google it), maternity clothing, travel systems.....the list continues, but I'll stop there. ;-)

Oh yeah, so back to this weekend. ha ha So we went to this new park and it was GREAT. The girls had so much fun there. It's so precious to watch all 3 of them together. Izzy is 1 year younger than Kendall and almost as tall as she is! They even had the cutest, tiny carousel that Aunt Nay Nay (what they call Renee) put them on twice!! So we'll definitely be going back to that one. Here are some cute pics of them.

Kendall saying "Cheese!"

Izzy & Kendall


  1. my thought for the day- hooter hiders!!! cute pics!

  2. Couple of things:
    1) Is Jamie that you go to the malls with Jamie Brown? The only reason I ask is because the pic you posted on FB said she lived in AZ, so I was wondering if now she is in TX.
    2) We call my Aunt Renee Aunt Nay Nay too!!
    3) Thank goodness for Pay-At-The-Pump!! When Cole was born you still had to go in to pay...I hated having to carry his carseat into a smoke filled gas station while he was still asleep!

  3. I know, Jamie. I crack up everytime I say it!! How can you say it without a smile?!? No Caci, it isn't Jamie Brown. She is in Arizona. This is a wonderful friend that God dropped in my lap after Kendall was born. :) No kidding about the pay at the pump!!! You poor thing having to carry him inside!!