Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's a Boy!!

So we added a new addition to our family yesterday. His name is Jake Von Troha (Von to represent his German background). This is Jeff's birthday present from his wonderful father. We had been talking about getting a dog for quite sometime now and researching which breed would be best for our family. Jeff has been worried about leaving us for his rotation in Alexandria, La for a month. He wanted to have a large dog that would protect us. So we got it early for his present so that we could start the obedience training before he left. I told Jeff that he could pick the name since I chose for the cat that was my present. My personal favorites were Armani (goes well with Prada) and Baron. Jeff's favorite won out though...not that he did bad. ;-)

Saying that Avery is thrilled about this addition is quite the understatement. She cried when she had to go to sleep, because she wanted to sleep with him. She cried when we left him this morning because she didn't want to leave him. She scarcely ate a bite last night or this morning because she didn't want to leave him ~ and trust me, this child NEVER misses an opportunity to eat. Now Kendall, she's excited and all but nothing will come between her and her food. So she's ok to step away for a while and eat. She is quite the bossy one though screaming, "No!! Uh uh!!" I just laugh. We're letting her squeeze, lay and rough house with him some to teach him to take the next little ones can do that too.

Prada hasn't quite rolled out the welcome mat. He's not angry with me but he's not befriending Jake yet. I'm hoping that they will be friends soon though. I know that he misses having another pet to play with. He's pretty much stayed in my room since he laid eyes on Jake. He's getting his water from the toilet (after it's been flushed of course) and not eaten yet. I doubt he'll keep that up for long.

Jeff playing with Jake this morning before leaving for work.

Very tricky trying to get a puppy, 2 year old and 5 year old in a picture all at once!

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