Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm So Ashamed!

Ok, so I started looking through my pictures on the computer to find the most recent family picture that I could so that I could post it. I am SO ashamed to say that I had to go all the way back to Halloween!! However, in my defense there is one more on my camera from January that I haven't been able to download on the computer because I cannot find my USB anywhere. ;) But this has spoken volumes to me. I know that it's because either Jeff or me are always taking the pictures. Now that I'm aware, I will make an effort to always ask someone to snap a picture of us while I've got the camera out. So, here is the most recent picture that I have of all of us. (this was the night that Avery was attacked by my sister-in-law's dog)

Here is her ear after the attack...for those of you that like that kind of stuff. ;-)

Poor baby. It was so swollen for weeks after that! She took it all in stride though. I was so very proud of her!

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