Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning to forgive and forget...from my daughters

Whew! I'm so glad that we made it through the weekend. It started off so great since Jeff was off on Friday and home with us. That meant that I got to work-out at my 5:30 am class with Jamie that I love and miss going to so much! :) The weather was so gorgeous over the weekend. Saturday proved to be fun...I'm determined to look at it positively.

We had 2 birthday parties to go to...9 am for Jack's 3rd (Cory's little boy) and 4:00 for Brenden's 5th (Leah's little boy). Jeff went to work for half the day on Saturday which meant I had to wash my hair, get the girls fed and ready for the party (heck no I didn't have time to eat myself!!) and take care of Jake before 8. Then I realized that I didn't have Jack's present, like I thought, so I was pretty upset and a little...make that a lot...hormonal!!! Let's just say that heads were rolling because I was a little short-tempered and bit them off.

So on the way to Target to get the gift, the Holy Spirit nudged me to make amends with the girls who were sitting all content in the back seat. "I'm so sorry girls that I didn't talk so nice at home and got mad at you guys. I just want you to know that I love you." "Luh you too, Mommy," says Kendall and "Love you to, Mommy" says Avery. So yes, the tears start coming after hearing that. They are so forgiving...I have so much to learn from them, because they also forget! I thank Jesus everyday for allowing me to raise them and love them.

Kendall had so much fun at Jack's party. They had the best little bouncy house for the little ones...I had never seen one like it. It was nice the party was so early...we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Avery and Brenden were practically attached at the hip and had so much fun.

Brenden's party was can it not be at Chuck E. Cheese?!? It was quite chaotic though. I have never been there when it's full to capacity before. Let me just say that I don't plan on being there during that time again. ;) There was a 20 minute wait to get in!!! We found out that Kendall isn't Chucky's biggest fan who had to come by our table to get to the stage. I had just left to go and get our pizza when he walked by Kendall. Honey, she got on the table and crawled across to get to Grammy's safe arms! LOL Cracked me up! So on the way home we ask the girls if they had fun. Of course Avery said a resounding yes. Then Kendall said "No, Cayuhed." Translation: No, scared! It was so funny. We had her saying that all night long.

Kendall in the bounce house with the "fountain" in her hair, as Katy called it.

Aunt Paula's Mickey Mouse Cake

This is what happens after eating black icing. She loved it of course!

My favorite pic of the can feel the love. Kendall getting loved by Mother and Aunt Paula.

Avery showing she isn't scared of Chuck E.

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  1. LOL! great pics! I know the kids' unconditional love can be a life saver!