Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paps Warbucks

So this is what we got over the weekend. Paps, Jeff's dad, had this playhouse designed in China and wanted a prototype. So of course, he thinks he should make it for the girls. So he tells us about it and how it's going to go in their playroom ~ and he even personalized it for them. It was so funny listening to him laugh and the excitement in his voice just telling us about it. Then the box comes in and it doesn't take long for us to see why he sounded like that.

It says: Avery Troha's House Kendall

See, it looks like something Daddy Warbucks would have bought Annie!!

We know that there's NO WAY it will fit in the girls' playroom...it's not that big of a room to begin with and filled up as it is! In true Paps fashion, he won't take no for an answer and brings it by Friday night. Gabe and Renee were over with Izzy and helped build/put it together. Turns out it did fit as long as we put the kitchenette inside it! The girls were THRILLED to say the least. Kendall was so excited!! Izzy even loved it and couldn't wait to crawl in it. Now when Avery and Kendall go in to play, they are excited but screams soon follow with the fighting! LOL And I want more??

I know that I'm not tall, but it's still taller than me!!

Do you think this made Paps' heart melt or what??


  1. That is soooooo cute!! We are gonna have to come play in that!

  2. Annalisa would LOVE that! So cute!!

  3. Yes, you will Jamie!! Annalisa is welcome to come and join in on the fun ANYTIME!! ;)