Tuesday, August 10, 2010

June 2010

I can't believe summer has already come and gone. I feel like I have just gotten bigger by the second...as well as the girls!! As I write this, I am almost 32 weeks pregnant now and goodness it seems to be flying by. I've been getting asked if I'm counting down the days quite often now that I'm in the 30+ weeks. It made me realize that no, I'm really not. I'm not counting down the days to get this baby out. I am counting down the days in excitement of getting to hold this precious baby in my hands and see what my Father created for and gave to us. Maybe it's because this is most likely my last one or that I realized how truly blessed I am with all my pregnancies being so very easy. Enough about me, let's get to the fun stuff.

Well, our summer got off to a start with Avery's last day of kindergarten. I could not believe that it was already over. She was so excited....mainly because she knew we were taking our first vacation the next week. ;) Nonetheless, we had to take pictures to commemorate the day. I promise that even though it doesn't look it, we brushed her hair that morning!!

All dressed and ready to go in her favorite uniform...the jumper

Can't leave without a big hug from lil' sis!! Obviously I wasn't the only proud one.

The next week we took off for our first family vacation ever (with Kendall ~ we did go to the beach with Avery when she was 18 months old). We went to San Antonio this year and had such a great time!!! We stayed at the most amazing resort. I promise, I would look around and be in disbelief that we were in Texas. The heat wasn't even that bad. We stayed at the La Canterra Westin Resort and were amazed. We left two days and that's all. The first time we left was to visit Fiesta Texas. Oh my how it was hot!!! Jeff and I were so bummed that we didn't get to ride the big coasters. I told him to ride without me buy my prince charming wouldn't hear of it. He took the girls on the log ride that they loved. The heat certainly got to us pretty quickly though, so we headed home for lunch (it was less than a mile away). When we got there, Jeff noticed that Kendall had fallen asleep while trying to climb up in the chair. The picture follows this. It was SO funny. Then she wouldn't wake up for anything!! The other day we went shopping for the first time at the outlet malls in San Marcus!! We never went to Sea World because the girls were having so much fun at our resort. I don't know why. Maybe it was the 5 different pools or the tennis court filled with bouncy house slides that also had cotton candy made on demand. I was SO glad that we were able to take that trip. We made so many memories. I can't wait to make more with another addition to our family.

Yes, she is passed out!!

Getting ready for the animal show in the lobby.

The girls petting the hedgehog. He was SO cute!!

Daddy chillaxin in the pool. Isn't he a hottie??
Avery coming down the slide

Striking a pose at the end
Kendall getting a little carried away by the slide. She always made the funniest faces of fear coming down, but would end up with a smile!!
We made S'mores by the pools every night. The girls especially enjoyed this part!

Avery roasting her marshmallows with one of the workers

Kendall showing off her finished product

A proud Daddy with his girls

Avery & Kendall in the pool cheesing it up after S'mores

Making crafts in the craft room. I'm telling you, this place is AMAZING!

A view of the entire room. Notice Daddy watching a movie in the background.


  1. OK...I didn't know that you had a blog! SO fun! What a fantastic vacation for the family. We'll have to visit there sometime!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a BLAST! Love the pics! So glad to know you are having a great summer!

  3. Ashley, I think I'm a fan of your blog. You are SO good with yours. I am dying to go to GSP now after reading your blogs from last year and this year. I even want to do the shirts, only I won't be near as creative as you...so be looking for me to get ideas one day. ;) You really must visit there. It was so amazing for families!!
    We did have a blast, Caci. Maybe we'll do Sea World next year. ha ha