Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Avery's Kindergarten Graduation

How could I almost forget to put this one in?!? Avery had her Kindergarten Graduation in May. They sang 3 songs and did their presentation of awards at the end. We were so excited. Avery had her own cheering section of course, you know the Troha's motto ~ Go big or GO HOME! ;) Kendall was so cute during the songs. She was singing every one of them with the kids. We were all so proud. She got several awards...can't remember them now with my pregnant brain. ;)

Very proud Daddy with his daughter

Proud Momma too
Jeff's Dad (Paps), Mom (Grammy) & sister Tracie (C)

Kendall & Jeb (our nephew)
My Mother (Mimere) and her new hubby, Terry (Poppy)
Kendall loves her Poppy
Molly (niece), Kendall & Jeb
Grammy, Jeb & Mimere
Kendall with her Paps (2 peas in a pod which is very scary!!)
Avery in her place (above the two girls' hats)
There's our superstar!!
Avery about to receive her awards
Avery with her God-send of a teacher, Mrs. Wright

Aunt Debra

Poppy, Mimere and the girls
Grammy, Paps and their girl
Gabe (Jeff's cousin/BFF), Renee & Isabelle

Our special girl
Can't believe we got a family shot in there!!!


  1. Beautiful pics!!! You look amazing! I am jealous! I know that Avery's graduation from Kindergarten was such a milestone for you as a mom....they don't get easier! ;-)

  2. You are too kind ~ another reason I love you so much!! LOL I was only 20 weeks at the time. I did pretty good there though...I really cried beforehand. ;)