Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July 2010

So not so much happened during the month of July. We laid low for the month. As the temperature rises, we become hermits. But there was one big deal of the month and that was Avery's first haircut and style at the salon. She's had her hair cut since she was tiny by our Aunt Debra, which is wonderful. But I thought for the big chop, I'd take her with me. The decision To cut it all off was made by me one morning out of frustration. She was crying yet again from brushing, which I do SO much more gently than my mom did. I told her since she never lets me do anything with it (ponytail, bows, headbands, etc) and cries at brushing, it was all coming off! That was it. So I asked my stylist if he would do it for us and he said of course. He is nothing short of wonderful (so is his wife that is one of my dearest friends).
So we just fit her in during my cut and color that day. She was so excited she could hardly stand it. My mom came up to watch so she could take the girls with her while he finished my cut and style. She didn't cry while he brushed and styled her hair. She sat there with a big smile on her face ~ most of the time (funny the faces we make during the blow dry). So without any further ado, I present to you Avery and her new hair style.

Here she is right before getting in the chair
She's in the chair and he's getting the cape ready

Here we go...
Making the first big chop

And it's off! That's Mom over her shoulder playing with Kendall
Now for the layers

Now for the fun part
Look at that face....I hope I don't do that during my cut.

She's toughing it out!

Look at all of that hair. We probably should have donated it!

You know Ms. Sassy Pants has to get a shot posing too!!

My baby looks all grown up now!! The cut was obviously a success in her eyes.


  1. She looks GREAT! My mom had my hair cut off to the shoulders when I was 7 because it was so long and I always wanted to brush it myself but never brushed all the way to the ends. We cut Annalisa's up to her shoulder blades (that's as short as I could go--I am not brave like you!) for the same reason. Avery looked like such a big girl in the chair!

  2. Thank you, Caci! Avery doesn't have the head of hair that Annalisa has either. ;) Iw ould have been more scared if she did. ;)