Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gone Baby Gone!

So here we were at 1 week before Avery started 1st grade. She still had yet to have a loose tooth let alone pull one! (She didn't get her first tooth until 8 months, so I tried to keep that in mind to justify her taking so long.)
Well it all started when she bit into a bar that had nuts in it, and her tooth got loose. She worked on it for a couple of hours (seriously, her hand was in her mouth for that long) and got it very loose. Jeff was working, so I told her to hold off so he could see it. After all, this is our oldest baby with her first loose tooth ~ big stuff!!
We went to eat at his parents house that night. When the girls and I walked in, Phil, my father-in-law, already had a string ready. I had to tell him no and remind him that Jeff wanted to see it and be there when she pulled it. So when Jeff got home, he took his turn at it. He put a string around the tooth, but it wasn't quite ready. She got a little emotional thinking that it was going to hurt. So we finally convinced her that it wouldn't hurt that bad, if it hurt at all. Before we left, the girls had it set to stay there with their grandparents. I told my father-in-law and Avery that there was to be no tooth pulling while we were gone. I know my FIL and how he was just itching to get his turn at the tooth.
So wouldn't you know that at 6 the next morning we had a text saying that the tooth had come out the night before. Somehow a string got wrapped around the tooth and was pulled out by Paps. Needless to say, Jeff and I were pretty bummed not to have been there. Not that this is a huge milestone, just something that we felt important. The good thing is she has a mouthful of teeth needing to be pulled that we'll get to see. I also learned a very good lesson ~ NEVER leave my children with Paps if I want to pull the tooth instead of him. ;)
Jeff asked Avery if he could keep her first tooth instead of giving it to the tooth fairy that night. He said that it was so special to him that he really wanted to keep that one ~ but we would give the tooth fairy all the rest. Of course, he would give her a gift so she wouldn't be missing out. She was so sweet she complied with him. The tooth fairy was so touched by her generosity that she came and left a note with money anyways. So here is my baby girl with her missing tooth....

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  1. What a big girl! She is very pretty missing one tooth! Cole didn't lose his 1st tooth until the END of 1st grade....he was the last kid in his class to lose a tooth! His fell out while he was sleeping and when he woke up it was stuck to his lip! He didn't want to give it to the tooth fairy (his own choice) and so we kept it!