Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yes, Kendall Did it AGAIN!!!

So my baby girl, has done it AGAIN. This poor baby got yet another fractured arm. So for those of you keeping count, that makes it 3 broken arms ~ 2 on one side and 1 on the other. She was sitting at the kitchen table which is one of those higher tables (that she has been sitting at for over a year now). She was on her knees facing the opposite direction asking me if I (who was in the kitchen) wanted the crust to her sandwich. As she was turning back around she somehow lost her balance (didn't see that part) and fell off the chair (saw that part). By the time I got to her (about 5 steps away) her head was down and her feet were up in the air. I thought she had landed on her head and was checking her pupils immediately. But then she screamed, "My arm!" I knew right then that she had fractured it. She was such a trooper. Unfortunately I had a new, pregnant patient driving over to me from Dallas and had already left. I didn't have the heart to tell her to turn around. So I just brought the girls with me, Avery was home on Spring Break, to the office. Kendall slept the entire time on the couch with an ice pack on her arm.
The ER was quite a different experience this time. We went to Mansfield Methodist, which is where we went for the previous 2 fractures in 2008. The longest we had been there waws 2.5 hours and it was on a busy night. That day didn't seem that busy at all when we got there at 4:30. Thank goodness Gabe, Renee and Izzy came to visit us while we were in the waiting area. That made that 1.5 hours go by much quicker. Let me just say that I was NOT a happy camper when we finally left at 8:30!!! Yes, 4 hours later!!! I was starving, the girls were starving and exhausted. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Well I was so strong that night I was about to kill somebody myself!!! When the nurse was going through our discharge papers and realized that we didn't have copies of the x-rays, she told me she'd get them to copy them quickly and it wouldn't be long. I replied, "Wait a minute. When you say it won't be long, are you referring to your ER world time or real-world time?" I was not laughing when she laughed in reply. That is SO not like me. Amazing what some hormones in a pregnant woman and fatigue and hunger will do to me!!
It turned out to be a tiny hairline fracture of the radial bone. She had a bright pink cast on for 2 1/2 weeks (yes, during Easter). No, the doctor isn't worried about her health at all since she's done this before. She's just one of those kids that falls just the wrong way on the right bone and it gives. She was amazing and didn't even bat an eye when they were sawing it off. She is SO strong.

All smiles that morning before the splint

My gorgeous girls, growing so fast!!
Ah, the moments when they actually show their love! ;)

Daddy and Kendall waiting for the cast

Got the sock on (that's what I call it)

Cast is on

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  1. Oh, Eva!! I can so hear your voice saying those words, but I can't hear it with anything but sweetness! I am glad that you finally got some food and rest for ALL of your babies (and yourself too!) I hope Kendall is doing much better...and her bones should be much stronger after all these breaks, right? ;-)