Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Avery's First Daddy-Daughter Dance

Oh my goodness, Avery's first dance finally arrived. Jeff had been waiting for this night for YEARS - 6 to be exact. It almost didn't happen though. She got so upset about going that afternoon and started crying saying that she didn't want to go. I think she was nervous about dancing in front of a lot of people. This is my shy child that really doesn't like all of the attention (crazy considering she is a Troha!!). We told her that she was going to go and give it a try - we are trying to teach her that through these moments. She calmed down and she agreed. Whew!

When it came time to leave, Jeff went all out. It's very important to Jeff that he teaches and models to our girls how a husband should treat his wife and boyfriend should treat his girlfriend. As usual, he comes to the door and rings the bell with flowers in hand (honestly, he did the same for me for our entire first year). He also had a corsage with him for the dance. We took pictures and then they were off. He called me about 20 minutes telling me that she pretty much ditched him as soon as they got there to dance with her friends. He interrupted her for one slow song. Jeff was finally doing what he had been anticipating for so long only to cut off. She told him she needed to find her friends before the song was even over. He was just heart-broken. Poor baby. They did have a good time though and enjoyed some ice cream when it was over.

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  1. So typical of a girl to ditch the guy! LOL I am glad they got to go and Jeff has those memories! One day Avery will laugh and deny that is what happened! They both look great all dressed up.