Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kendall's Third Birthday

So our baby girl turned 3!! She did it with such style too. Ha ha We had family and friends over for much the same thing we did for Avery’s. We blew up the bounce house and let the kids run and jump and play. The fellowship with the adults was so nice. Apparently, Kendall loves baseball hats…probably because her Daddy does too. Paps (Jeff’s Dad) got her a hat with Ariel on it and we couldn’t get her to take it off!! Little did we know, but I was carrying a baby that day. ;) One memory that sticks out is what she did during the gift unwrapping. She would unwrap and gift and run to hug and kiss the person that gave it to her. I’m including some of those. It was just so precious….she wasn’t picky on who received adult/child, boy/girl! The pictures begin on her actual birthday. We let the birthday girl/boy pick what they want for breakfast and donuts wins every time! The party pics follow.

Her birthday donut

Digging in

All dressed and ready for the party

Kendall with Paps

So cute!!

Kendall and her best friend, Kori Jade (she's one month older than Kori)

Kendall hugging Brenden for his gift

Isabelle isn't feeling the love as much. LOL

All the kids

Blowing out her candles

I'm still in shock we got a family picture!! I am SO blessed!!!

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  1. Love the family picture! You guys look great! I am so glad Kendall had a great birthday...she is beautiful!