Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She's in Kindergarten!

Avery, our oldest baby, is officially in kindergarten as of Wednesday, August 19, 2009!! OH MY GOODNESS!! How the heck did this day get here so fast?!? Everyone says that they grow so fast, but fast doesn't quite describe how it flies by.

I wanted to call and check on her all day long like I normally do when she's gone from me this long. I wish that there was a video camera in there so that I could watch her from afar. Mrs. Wright was so great that morning and had them out something to color on right when they got in so they would be busy. You can definitely tell this ain't her first rodeo!

That morning we all hit the ground running. It started at 6:20 when Mother called and woke us up ~ thank goodness! I got dressed, we got the girls out of bed, put the muffins in the oven, bathed the girls, dried Avery's hair, got them dressed, fixed her lunch, ate the muffins and we were out the door. Whew! I'm tired just putting all that down. She had a bit of a melt down while we were putting on the socks. Who knew they would be a size too big and come up over her knee caps? I only got the size that fit her according to her shoe size!! Thankfully I found another pair of socks that would work. She got it together and we were gone. The day was made even more special because all of her grandparents were here to surround her and encourage her with their love. Yes, we are all so very blessed.

Due to the traffic and limited parking, we decided to park a block away. Jeff and I held her hand on each side with her in the middle. She was so very excited and not nervous in the least. As we started walking down her hall my tears started forming. Mrs. Wright had the crayons out and the papers on their desks. So right away, they all got to business. Come to find out, the little girl that sits next to her lives right around the corner from us on our street! Avery barely even noticed that we were there at all. They stood up during the announcements to do the pledge of allegiance and she did so great. *Sigh* I was so very proud of her. Then it was time to leave for the boo hoo breakfast. I can't believe I only had a few tears well up. The breakfast was great because we were able to meet some more parents.

The day did not end there. That night I invited the family over to celebrate the day with us. Avery got to pick the meal. We had Sloppy Joes, sweet potato fries and lemon squares for dessert. We had Jeff's parents, Mother, Tracie, Barney, Jeb, Molly, Gabe, Renee, Izzy and Aunt Debra all over for dinner. Avery was so excited to tell everyone how much fun she had and how much she loved her school. Did I mention that we are blessed??

Needless to say, the day was a success. I just can't believe that this day is already here. I'm so shocked that it got here so quickly. That about wraps up our first day. Jeff and I are so excited to watch her learn and grow throughout this year. That's what helped us from getting so emotional on this day. Just the excitement that we have for her in all this year holds for her.

Us outside the school
Family pic taken by Mother

Avery and her Paps

Grammy and her girls

Mimere and her big girl

Gabe, Renee and a tired Izzy

Proud Mom & Dad

Molly, Tracie, Barney & Jeb

Aves & Aunt Deb

Cute Kendall

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  1. Goodness. I'm super late on this blog posting. I'm so happy that everything went great! Wow....I can't believe that she's in school already. I remember how that felt. *Sigh*...they just grow up too darn fast.

    Love you guys!