Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Hot July 4th

OK, yes I do know that it's been almost 2 months since July 4th, but at least it's better than never!! LOL So on July 4th Jeff's parents asked us to join them for their anniversary night at the last minute. They were celebrating their 40th anniversary at a nice, new hotel in downtown Dallas. Once we secured babysitters with Mom and Leah, we were off. We stayed at The Joule which is one of the few luxury hotels in the world with Starwood hotels. There were good things and bad things about the hotel. The worst thing was the pool. We were all ready to go and relax by the pool first thing ~ which is pretty much the norm for anyone at a hotel in the summer. However, their pool isn't your typical pool. It's on the roof and surrounded by these big futon-type beds ~ which was great. In fact, I felt like I was walking into a pool in Miami...loud music, beds, scantily clad women, etc. But the pool there isn't for the guests at the hotel. It's actually owned by another company and you have to reserve the beds/sitting there. It's a $350 tab minimum to have a bed! Even if we had wanted to do that it wasn't an option since they were all taken. Needless to say we were all pretty disappointed to realize that we weren't getting to relax by the pool. Dad was pretty upset to say the least.
For dinner, we went to Ol' Warsaw. It's a very nice restaurant that we haven't been to in years. In fact, it's the place that Jeff took us for his Sr. Prom. LOL They have a crab-stuffed filet mignon that is absolutely delicious. Let me tell you that I ate every last bite of that steak!!! Oh yes I did and yes it was fantastic!!!
Now I'm saving the best for last. ;) Mom & Dad got a suite and we got a standard room. We all went to our rooms when we first got there. After we got settled, Jeff and I went down the hall to their room. They offered to change rooms with us for that night so that we could have the bigger one if we wanted (since they were planning to stay the entire weekend). I told them absolutely not. We LOVED our room ~ or should I say I? When I walked in the room, my mouth dropped to the floor. I will have a round bed one day. Not only was there a round bed, but the carpet was zebra print and the bed had red leather bed skirt!!! Yes, I did say red leather!! The wall across from our bed was full mirror with a flat screen TV ~ who the heck would want to watch TV?!? ;) It was a very small room...felt like we were in Europe, but very modern. So we had a fabulous time to say the least.

The view from the door of our bed

The wall directly across from the bed

The bathroom vanity...yes, that is a red counter and a red light in the sink!!

The shower...if you couldn't tell

Our robes that matched the carpet and room

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