Monday, June 1, 2009

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

So that we could spend more time together on Sunday, we decided to go to Many for the weekend.  Otherwise, Jeff would have to leave at the crack of dawn from Arlington to get to Alec when he needed to.  So when Jeff got home from the hospital Friday morning after working Thursday night we took off.  
Dad got a riding lawn mower down there and wanted to see if the girls wanted to help.  Kendall had no part in it as soon as he turned it on.  It's funny but she has a thing with loud sounds.  Once he came around to the front of the house, Avery couldn't get on it quick enough.  She had so much fun driving that lawn mower.  Once Kendall saw her, then she decided she would love to do that too but with Daddy (way to get brownie points, K).  

Paps & Avery

Daddy with his girls on the lawn mower
Avery especially loves going to Many now.  Daddy has started letting her drive when we are there.  Yes, I mean holding the steering wheel.  Being that we're out in the country on a dirt/gravel road, there are actually some perks to it...especially if you're Avery.  Kendall cracked me up while down there.  She and Avery have started this silly dialogue where they'll call each other pussy cat.  Kendall started passing that on to all of us and now says "bye bye pussy cat" and pretends to go bye-bye.  Yes, so cute but I bet you can guess where this is going. Kendall put a little spin on it this weekend.  Mom and I were sitting there and Kendall looked at Mom and said, "bye-bye poosy."  I about fell off the couch and tried not to laugh to hard.  Then you're in the mind battle, do I say something or ignore it??  I went down the middle of the road and told her that it's pussy CAT...don't forget the CAT.  LOL
Saturday I had my emotional breakdown.  It really hit me that he was leaving on the next day.  I was just so scared that not having him at home during the week would make me such a mean/fussy mom.  I was so worried about taking it out on the girls.  Of course, he knew exactly how to calm me down.  But I can't remember the last time I cried so much that I had a headache and had to throw away my contacts!!  Needless to say, I only had a few tears left on Sunday...seriously just a few.   But we'll be seeing each other on Friday.  The drive home went really well with me, the girls and Jake.  So my weeks will begin the same this month...counting the days down until Friday.
Avery taking a picture of Grammy & Kendall
Avery getting a GREAT picture of Kendall!!

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