Thursday, June 4, 2009

17 Years Now!!

So, today marks the day 17 years ago that Jeff asked me to go out with him! I cannot believe that it's been that long!!  We actually met on May 30 at Six Flags...and got married on that day 6 years later. 17 years ago he drove to Shreveport to see me. I made a picnic for us with KFC chicken and homemade brownies. (note to self, always ask someone if they like a food that you are going to make/bring for them before you do) Isn't it in a southerner's DNA to love all things fried?!? LOL He never even told me he didn't like it, but his friend did. Jeff ate it with a smile being the gentleman that is always is.  But he really loved the brownies. I guess they were so good he thought I was a keeper. He asked me to go to his car real quick after we finished eating. So here we are sitting there in his car with navy, leather interior with no air on and sweating like pigs as he asks me to go out with him. He gave me a necklace to wear that had a gold baseball glove. Isn't he so sweet?!?  Even though we were so young, I knew that I wanted to marry him from that first summer.  He truly swept me off of my feet the day we met and they still have yet to touch the ground. 
We were in Many on our wedding anniversary last weekend. I just started thinking of how 17 yeras ago on that day I had no idea how God was going to change my life so much. I have been so blessed to have him at such a young age. I've had less break-ups, less bad dates, etc. I told him that day at Six Flags that it felt like I'd known him for years instead of hours. We just hit it off so great from the beginning.
Jeff, thank you for loving me and asking me to marry you. You have given me such joy and 2 amazing children in the 17 years that I have loved you. Thank you for always seeing the best in me and trying to make me see it too...that is such a hard job, I know! Thank you for making sure that I never doubt your love and devotion to me. Thank you for your patience, support and for making me a better me.  I am so honored to be your wife. I can't wait to see what the next 50 years bring us. I love you

Jeff & I at our anniversary dinner at The Mariner in Natchitoches, LA on Sibley Lake

At his parents' anniversary July 2008 

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