Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Warrior Women

I was so blessed this week by attending our monthly Flavour at church. Flavour is a gathering for the women of our church and Lisa Young, our pastor's wife, is the speaker. The praise and worship is all women as well. It is such an amazing night for me. I get so upset when I haven't been able to make it. It's so great to get to fellowship and meet women while there. I always feel so much better after I leave...and blessed!
This Fall the topic is Warrior Women. It has been such a great subject to talk about. I realized that I haven't been clothing myself in the FULL armor of Christ. What a blessing it is to have a heavenly Father that loves us so much He gave us a full set of armor to clothe ourselves with on a daily basis. It's just our jobs to put it on everyday. I haven't been doing such a great job of that. I'm so grateful that Lisa has reminded me and encouraged me to do it.
There is also a Flavour Magazine. I'm including the link on this so that you can check it out as well. It's a great magazine with articles that are super quick-reads. If any of you ever want to go to a Flavour, just let me know. They are on the first Monday of the month in Fort Worth. The full schedule is on the web....Lisa is quite the travelin' woman. Let me add how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many godly, warrior women. (you know who you all are!!) :-)
Here is the link for the magazine:

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  1. I need to read about your Christmas and New Year!! Get to work writing, woman! ;-)